Creative process

Navigating the conscious, subconscious, controlled and unconstrained realms of the creative process in the material and psychological sense. Focusing on areas of meditation in movement, reflection and mindfulness, via craft and product, leading to empowerment, relative to perfection and imperfection. With a drive toward de-sign for life this practice based philosophy concerns over fusing and or dissolving boundaries between arts and crafts, sociology and psychology, metaphorically addressing and challenging social issues and accepted beliefs.

Transit, translate, transact.

Via the interactive nature of the processes within Barrett Ratcliffe’s visual art & 3D Design productions, insight is afforded into the holistic nature of the creative act, simultaneously relating to personal or material experiences. The aim being to allow for a greater understanding of the very roots of the creative process, residing not just in every human being but relating to ‘any experience’ good or bad as potential creative catalyst.

Tangible products

The tangible products conceived of within this process being by craft, visual art, design, written form and serendipitous pursuit.


Creative, sociological and material processes carried out in this practice based research, to date, serve to cognise and highlight such themes as direction and order via chaos.

Displacement to placement, beauty from decay, the nature of location, the natural combined contrived and the man made married with the machine age. Such themes combined with methodology culminate in a balanced approach to design for de-sign and life philosophy.

Make art the connection

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