02 / Transformations Project.

Transforming one’s own life experiences, translated via the meditative act of creation (via drawing/ design), a process became unto itself, unto what you see herein. This process became more than the sum of its parts…


‘’It is said, we are what we eat. Then so too, we are what we think. It would seem it is seldom said however, that we are what we speak. Furthermore, it can be said, we become what we imagine ourselves to be’’…


If such creative processes in designing or de-signing are broken down, via the mindful act of being precisely in each given moment, as it unfolds, akin to the wild animal, ensuring inch perfect its positioning leading to its prey, bearing this in mind is it suffice to say there can be no differentiating between each momentary act of living, as to whether we succeed, fail, or starve ourselves of vitality necessary for survival, necessary to give unto life


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